Helplessly Hopelessly Stuck

I’m really curious to know how many of you feel helplessly, hopelessly stuck? I do believe that more than some realize they have become stuck at some time or other in their post divorce experience. What creates the feeling of being stuck? For some, it’s an unhealthy attachment to the former partner. For others, it’s not feeling worthy of love because of where they have ended up in life. For yet others, it’s simply an attachment to fear. No matter what it is, being hopelessly, helplessly stuck is very crippling for anyone trapped by its grip.

However, one of the most interesting aspects of being stuck is that at some point, it shifts from being something that you wish you could release into something that you’re attached to in some perverse manner… addicted to the feeling of being stuck… and wearing your ‘stuckness’ has become a badge of courage in the twisted battle you’re waging with self.

Being deeply stuck is a terribly difficult place to be. Few see any real way out, most feel that somehow they deserve to be stuck there… yes, stuck in being stuck… yet another perverse twist of being stuck.

For those of you who are stuck, know that you don’t need to take this as a life sentence. It’s okay to feel again, it’s okay to love again (and for that to be someone else), it’s okay to let go of your attachments and claim a full life again. Your mistakes do not define you… your fears do not define you… but they will if you let them.

In this moment, know that it’s perfectly fine to move forward… and that you have all you need right now to do so. It’s simply a matter of letting go of the burden that you’re currently struggling to carry so you can grab the rope that’s dangling before you to be finally pulled to safety. Drop the burden and take the rope… it’s okay to do that.

Take care of your heart.

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